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In the purchase process of multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, we should integrate our own requirements to select

Multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine In the process of purchase, we should integrate our own requirements to select. The main aspects are:   1. Output power: the level of output power endangers the cleaning rate, cleanliness, etc! Naturally, this is to be compared under the premise of the same volume! 2. Volume: the larger the volume, the larger the food to be cleaned, and the smaller the limit. If it's not just for cleaning glasses, it's suggested to be larger! 3. Other additional functions, such as degassing, heating, on-time function, safety function, etc. you can also choose goods according to yourself! Here are some examples for reference only:      1. Xiaomijia eraclean Eraclean Shijing variable-frequency sterilizing multi tank ultrasonic cleaning machine has a high power of 40W, which is called eraclean's cattle cleaning level up to now. Coupled with 45000hz high-frequency vibration, the water swells and cracks, achieving an impact force of more than kPa, and the actual cleaning effect is more immediate. Appearance is also very reliable, simple style, white overall body, for their own application cleaning some jewelry is particularly suitable! There are ordinary version, high configuration version and pro version, which can be selected. The price is dozens of pieces apart, the appearance is the same, and there is no big difference. The output power of the high configuration version is very small. The pro version is suitable for all kinds of type-C multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machines. The battery can be used for about 20 days after charging for 2 hours, and the battery power is higher. Working frequency hz:45000 Liner raw material: 304 stainless steel plate Inner box size mm:158*68.5*38.5 2. Jiemeng jp-1200b Compared with ordinary models, the volume is relatively large, reaching 1.2L, the output power is also higher, and the cleaning is cleaner! The control panel is moisture-proof, one touch degassing, dealing with air oxidation problems, higher, and there is no need to worry about problems that can't be put down anymore. Small glasses, electric shavers, glass milk bottles, fresh fruits, everything is handy. Higher power is clearer and cleaner. Although there are many dealers of multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machines in the sales market, there are still good and bad quality management, which cannot meet the needs of customers. Even many people worry about buying multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machines in person, and even leaving this matter idle. In fact, buying a washing machine is a very simple thing. We only care about the key links when purchasing, so as to ensure that you can buy a satisfactory multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine. The key to the quality of multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine lies in the following aspects: working frequency, output power, cleaning fluid temperature and the whole cleaning process. Working frequency of multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine: From 28kHz to 120kHz, when water or water cleaning agent is used, the physical cleaning force caused by pore action is significantly beneficial to the low frequency, generally around 28-40khz. For parts with small voids, gaps and shallow holes, high frequencies (generally higher than 40KHz) are stronger, even hundreds of kHz.  

Introduction of multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine

People often say that ultrasonic cleaning machine, what is ultrasonic cleaning machine? Multi tank ultrasonic cleaning machine is a special cleaning machine. This kind of cleaning machine sends out ultrasonic waves, which spread in the solution, making the liquid and the cleaning tank vibrate together under the ultrasonic working frequency, and promoting the actual cleaning effect to be greatly improved. When the liquid vibrates with the cleaning tank, it will have its own resonance frequency. This kind of vibration frequency is the sound frequency, so we will hear buzzing. With the rapid development of cleaning field, more and more fields and companies began to use ultrasonic cleaning machines.      The multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine is characterized by obvious ultrasonic cleaning effect and convenient use. The sound you hear is the acoustic frequency data signal with the working frequency of 20~20000hz. The acoustic frequency higher than 20000hz is called ultrasonic wave. The transmission of the acoustic frequency spreads vertically according to the sinusoidal curve, causing many bubbles. The reason for bubbles is that the internal components of the liquid generate tensile stress and generate negative pressure. The reduction of gas pressure makes the previously dissolved vapor too saturated, and escapes from the liquid into bubbles; Another reason is that the strong tensile stress "tears" the liquid into a crack, which is called cavitation. The cleaning effect of the multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine is obvious. How to use the multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine? Today, pchouse will explain one by one. 1. Put the goods to be cleaned into the cleaning basket of the cleaning machine, and then put the cleaning basket into the cleaning tank. Do not put the goods into the cleaning tank immediately, so as to prevent damage to the machine equipment and the actual cleaning effect. According to different commodities or the actual cleaning effect, pour the cleaning fluid in proportion. The water level should not be less than 60mm, but not more than 80mm. 2. Turn on the power, turn on the key switch of the multi slot ultrasonic cleaner, and the power switch is on, indicating normal operation. According to the cleaning regulations of the object, start the temperature control of the multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine to carry out temperature adjustment. When the temperature display light is off and the electric heater meets the required standard, the electric heater will stop working. If it is less than the set temperature, the electric heater will often be fully automatic heated again. When the heating temperature meets the commodity cleaning regulations, the cleaning timer can be turned on and the working time of the timer can be set according to the commodity cleaning regulations. 3. After cleaning, remove the cleaning basket from the cleaning tank and wash it with warm boiled water or soak it in another warm boiled water cleaning tank without organic solvent. Dry, store and assemble the objects after cleaning. I have done some collection and summary of the brand of household multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, can you have a look! A large number of multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machines, direct connection: Choose multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine according to the price | what is the use of multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine? What brand is good? When buying household multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, I think we must choose the right well-known brand. Choosing a good brand is choosing a good quality control. After all, if you buy it back or use it often, if there is a problem with the product quality, the damage is very frustrating!  

Precautions for single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Before and after using the single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine, the machine should be checked. Especially before the formal operation, the staff must carefully check the machine, that is, after power on, let the machine run for a test to see if it can work normally. After use, the staff should also conduct a detailed inspection of the single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine and clean it up.   When there is no water or solvent in the water tank of the single tank ultrasonic cleaner, it needs to be replaced. Be careful with the electrical box and operate and maintain it correctly. When the water spray scrubber is turned on, the indicator light does not light up and the water pump does not start. The main reason for this situation is that the power switch is damaged and there is no power input; The fuse acfu of the single slot ultrasonic cleaner is blown. The water level of the water spray scrubber is insufficient, and the automatic protection makes the water pump unable to start. Open the main washing tank and heat it for about half an hour, but the temperature has not yet risen. The main reasons are that the heating pipeline fell off and the fuse was blown; The heating pipe of the single tank ultrasonic cleaner is burnt out and needs to be replaced. What is the working principle of the single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine? Its principle is mainly to convert the sound energy of the transducer and the power ultrasonic frequency source into mechanical vibration, so that it can radiate the cleaning fluid in the tank into ultrasonic waves through the cleaning tank wall. Due to ultrasonic radiation, micro bubbles in the liquid in the tank can keep vibrating under the action of sound waves. When the sound pressure or intensity reaches a certain level, the bubble will expand rapidly and then suddenly close. In this process, the shock wave is generated when the bubble closes, resulting in the pressure and local temperature regulation of 1012-1013pa around the bubble. The huge pressure produced by ultrasonic cavitation can destroy insoluble dirt and make it differentiate into solution. Direct and reverse effect of steam cavitation on fouling. Single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine is like this. The main purpose of this is that if you don't understand something, you can call us at any time. You can see the contact information by entering the official website, and you can also consult the online customer service personnel. Our company adheres to the principle of customer first and good quality, as always, provides products and services for enterprises, and is willing to make greater contributions to the national environmental protection cause. I hope that friends from all walks of life who sincerely care about and support the cause of the company can provide more opportunities for cooperation. Welcome to our company and create a better tomorrow! Here is a regular manufacturer. Friends who want to order this product might as well come here to choose. I believe I won't let you down. The price here is reasonable and the quality is guaranteed. And there are many types of products. There is always one that suits you. Welcome to buy.    

Introduction of single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine?

  Such things as single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine are basically products used in the industrial field, most of which we have never seen or heard. You can say that they are not very common in life, but they also play an irreplaceable role in the industrial industry. Then we should first understand some relevant information of single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine in use, and then follow us to understand it.        The single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine is composed of electrically controlled high-pressure water pump storage tank. The spray cleaning machine has simple operation, few faults and unified cleaning effect. It can customize non-standard spray cleaning machine, tunnel spray cleaning machine and crawler cleaning line for all enterprises. Single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts single-phase 380V power supply and works continuously. It is suitable for cleaning tensile parts and die castings in various industries. It can be installed with electric heating system and constant temperature device, and is widely used in: sink industry, hardware industry, fryer industry, auto parts industry, rice cooker industry, with low cost. The speed is fast and the effect is even. The inner and outer grooves are made of stainless steel. Single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine is a new type of continuous cleaning equipment, which has the functions of cleaning liquid spray, clean water spray washing, fan blowing, hot air drying and so on. The working time, temperature and power of the instrument (adjustable). The cleaning machine adopts relay control mode and is fully automatic. Except for manual loading and unloading of workpieces, other technological processes are completed automatically. SUS304L high-grade stainless steel cleaning tank, domestic famous brand high-pressure water pump, chemical pump and pipeline pump are all customized according to customer needs. The built-in safety heating system and adjustable temperature control system can work continuously for a long time. It is safe and easy to operate, and can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. The single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine can run continuously and automatically in large quantities. Suitable for cleaning simple structures and pipe fittings. Galvanized and stainless steel housings can be used. Pu spray pipes are equipped inside and closed through channels. The whole machine of the single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine is a fully enclosed structure, welded with stainless steel or square pass framework. The upper cover of the cleaning machine is a single-layer structure, made of 1.2mm thick stainless steel plate, and pasted with an insulating layer to reduce energy consumption. The tank adopts single-layer structure and is made of SUS304 stainless steel 1.2mm thick stainless steel plate; The interior is divided into multiple areas by zones to realize cleaning fluid filtration, iron filings precipitation, oil filtration and oil separation respectively; The liquid storage tank is provided with a water replenishment port, a liquid discharge port and an overflow port. The bottom of the single tank ultrasonic cleaner is inclined from both sides to the middle, and the cleaning liquid is centrally discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the tank. The liquid storage tank is equipped with a liquid level controller, which will remind you to replenish and stop water in time when the liquid level is abnormal. Then when you purchase, we also suggest you to find regular and powerful manufacturers. In this way, the price is guaranteed.       
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