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Large casting hydrocarbon cleaning machine
Large casting hydrocarbon cleaning machine
Large casting hydrocarbon cleaning machine

large casting hydrocarbon cleaning machine

In view of the fact that the increasing quality of parts and components means the need for more complex cleaning processes for industrial parts, we have developed customized cleaning systems for customers in an all-round way in combination with Kodak's throwing hydrocarbon cleaning machine and the three major process flows of spray, ultrasonic and hydrocarbon

cleaning process:

High pressure spray cleaning --- high pressure spray cleaning --- vacuum ultrasonic rough cleaning --- vacuum ultrasonic fine cleaning --- steam bath cleaning + vacuum drying

equipment features:

>& gt; High pressure spray cleaning, suitable for cleaning workpieces with a large amount of dirt on the surface

>& gt; Vacuum ultrasonic cleaning has obvious cleaning effect on workpieces with blind holes

>& gt; Hydrocarbon detergent cleaning, good cleaning performance, can completely volatilize at room temperature and heating state, and has no pollution to the air

>& gt; Equipped with a throwing mechanism, which greatly enhances the cleaning effect

>& gt; The mechanical arm is designed with large load, and the rated load is 200kg

>& gt; Built in distillation recycling machine, the recovery rate is as high as 98%, and the use cost is low

>& gt; Equipped with carbon dioxide automatic fire extinguisher, safe and reliable

>& gt; The equipment operates automatically, the process is monitored in real time, the technology is advanced, the operation is stable, and the operation is simple

equipment parameters:

< strong > slot size (mm)
< strong > overall dimension (mm)
< strong > hydrocarbon (L)
< strong > ultrasonic frequency (kHz)
< strong > ultrasonic power (kw)
< strong > total power (kw)

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