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Hkd-1003stgf single station high pressure spray washer
Hkd-1003stgf single station high pressure spray washer
Hkd-1003stgf single station high pressure spray washer
Hkd-1003stgf single station high pressure spray washer
Hkd-1003stgf single station high pressure spray washer
Hkd-1003stgf single station high pressure spray washer
Hkd-1003stgf single station high pressure spray washer
Hkd-1003stgf single station high pressure spray washer
Hkd-1003stgf single station high pressure spray washer

Founded in 1994, Shenzhen Hekeda ultrasonic equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating research, development, design and production of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, including single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine, automatic multi tank ultrasonic cleaning machine, hydrocarbon vacuum ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc. it has high cost performance and stable operation. For details, please consult.


1. Equipment characteristics

1.1 according to the characteristics of many types and small quantities of parts to be washed, this equipment adopts the method of single station cleaning and drying;

1.2 the parts are manually pushed into the cleaning chamber, and the spray pipe arranged in the cleaning chamber sprays the workpiece with a large flow, covering the whole area without blind areas;

1.3 continuous spray cleaning is adopted for cleaning, and the cleaning scouring force is strong.

The cleaning adopts the design of trough type single station, and the cleaning scouring force is strong.

1.4 the cleaning basket can be made into single basket type or double basket type, as follows (the left figure shows the double basket structure, and the right figure shows the single basket structure):



2. Cleaning objects and requirements

2.1 cleaning objects: hydraulic parts, castings, hardware, etc. the following figure shows the workpiece of a customer:


2.2 cleaning method: single station cleaning machine,

2.3 cleaning medium: special degreasing detergent is used,

2.4 cleaning requirements: the processed parts to be cleaned and the technical requirements after cleaning. The internal and external surfaces of the cleaned parts are free of oil and impurities.


3. Cleaning process flow and process flow table

3.1 action description of the cleaning machine: the workpiece is loaded into the cleaning chamber by the worker → close the sealing door → press the start button with both hands → the spray pipe starts to work → the spray pipe on the top or side of the workbench works in turn → the pipe automatically switches to the air blowing system after cleaning → pulse water cutting treatment is carried out on the workpiece → heating is started in the working chamber to dry the residual water marks on the workpiece → the sealing door is opened after drying → manual blanking.

In a word, the single station casting high-pressure cleaning machine adopts PLC technology to automatically control the cleaning, rinsing, water cutting and drying time. The cleaning table is designed as a push-pull structure, which can wash the surface of castings (or other auto parts, hardware) under high pressure, and the cleaning effect is remarkable. Small size and complete functions, suitable for workpieces with small output and high cleaning requirements.


The following figure is a snapshot of the machine manufacturing process:



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