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Optical glass cleaning series
Optical glass cleaning series
Optical glass cleaning series
Optical glass cleaning series
Optical glass cleaning series
Optical glass cleaning series
Optical glass cleaning series
Optical cleaning machine

1. Cleaning principle of cleaning machine:

The high efficiency and high-definition cleanliness of the ultrasonic cleaning machine benefit from the penetrability and cavitation shock wave generated by its sound wave when it propagates in the medium. It is easy to clean parts with complex shapes, cavities and fine cavities.


2. Application scope:

This equipment is specially designed for cleaning optical glass and optical cover plate. It is also applicable to the cleaning of workpieces with flat surface or soft surface with small thickness.


3. Action description of cleaning machine:

The workpiece is sent to the cleaning area by the conveying trolley. During operation, the workpiece moves slightly up and down with the washing basket, and the outer surface is uniformly sprayed / vibrated by the cleaning liquid with a certain pressure on the workpiece surface. After cleaning, the parts are discharged under the action of the conveyor chain and return to the loading station.

4. Features of cleaning machine:

4.1. High cleanliness and fast cleaning speed. Use water-based detergent as the cleaning medium to effectively remove the dirt on the product surface;

4.2. The built-in exhaust system can effectively prevent the condensation of water vapor from falling back to the product;

4.3. Set up a solution filtration system to ensure the cleanliness of the cleaning medium.

4.4 configure rt-110 ℃ adjustable automatic temperature system.

4.5. The whole machine is made of stainless steel,

4.6. The working process adopts PLC electrical control, which has the characteristics of simple operation, low labor intensity, high production efficiency and stable cleaning quality.

4.7 customize according to customer requirements to meet the production needs of different customers.


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